Weekly tip – 10/03/2014

According to psychologists, it takes a month of continuously doing something to form a habit. So, if you’re just getting into exercising regularly, plan your sessions in your diary so you can’t make an excuse to miss one. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you find it’s easier to do a session than to miss…

(Starting top left) Fun, fun, not fun.

The Nuts Challenge – Winter 2014 (28k/4-lap… attempt)

The photo above illustrates perfectly what met me when I arrived at the highly anticipated Nuts Challenge this Sunday – ankle-deep mud… and lots of it! The weather was being relatively kind to all those who set out to complete the course on the Saturday and Sunday, with both days being bright and, for the…


Weekly tip – 03/03/2014

As seems appropriate, following yesterday’s Nuts Challenge, this week’s tip is 2 for 1.  Firstly; Never underestimate the effects of wet clothing and wind. Yesterdays Nuts Challenge saw a lot of people succumbing to the effects of mild-hypothermia. While I don’t doubt that the temperature of the water hazards played their part, it was the…


Weekly tip – 24/02/2014

Can’t be bothered to train? Use the 3 minute motivation rule. This states that you must force yourself to start training but, if after 3 minutes you’re still not feeling it, you can stop. At least you then gave it a go. I’ll bet that you continue though.

Nuts Challenge - smiles

Coming up: March

March sees the first of the obstacle course races of my New Year, New Challenge, in the form of The Nuts Challenge, where I will be attempting to become one of the “Tough Nuts”.  Not to take anything away from the Hell Runner Down South or the Brutal 10k, this one differs in that, as well…


Brutal 10k – Windmill Hill 2014

This weekend saw high winds, more rain showers and hills, lots and lots of hills. The Brutal 10k, taking place on Windmill Hill in Deepcut, Surrey, was my second event of 2014 and a chance to win some more points in the Mudstacle league. This event promised hills, water and, being called the “Brutal” 10k, it…


Weekly tip – 17/02/2014

Mix up your training and keep it interesting. Is your goal to complete a running event? Try going for a swim. Aiming to compete in a cycling race? How about going and running some hills? Mixing up your training develops different muscle groups and stops you getting bored with your training becoming stale.

Think you can go up against the UK's best?

UK OCR Championships announced

Late last week saw the announcement of the inaugural championships for UK Obstacle Course races, taking place on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September at the London South OCR venue at Paddock Wood, London home to the company spear-heading the event, Dirty Dozen Races.  As well as being the UK OCR Championship, this event also…