Short Walks of the Month: February 2018

Luna reached six months of age in February, still too young to be going on any long hikes, but getting old enough to go on short walks in new places. I set myself a goal at the start of the month to visit two new dog friendly locations, which I achieved. Both of the places we visited we will definetly be going back to when the weather clears up. February was a pretty dreary month with a lot of wet weather, which made any walking a very muddy affair.

Fontmell Down Walk

Walk ~ 0.9 miles ~ 20 minutes ~ Easy ~ Near Shaftesbury, Dorset

A beautiful clear day, a rare occurance last month, made for beautiful views from Fontmell Down. This was an easy, yet enjoyable, short walk along the relatively flat top of Fontmell Down. The route passed over a couple of Cross Dykes and appeared to be popular with other dog walkers. Luna enjoyed being able to run around freely, as the fields we walked through were free of livestock.

Hod Hill Walk

Walk ~ 1.6 miles ~ 40 minutes ~ Easy ~ Near Blandford Forum, Dorset

Hod Hill is a hill fort dating back to the Iron Age and the Roman occupation of Britain. We were met by fog on our visit to the site, rendering the views from the hill non-existant. Despite the fog, this was a highly enjoyable and interesting walk. There were sheep grazing the hill, meaning that Luna had to be kept on the lead, but I still think she enjoyed our exlporation of this site. It was also Luna’s first experience of encountering sheep, she was very interested in them, but I think that this was down to them being something new to her. I will be taking Luna back again on a clearer day so that we can take in the views from the top.

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